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Betting on you favorite Sport

Before you bet you should know as much about the sport and the participants as you can. A good knowledge of basic statistics is a must. If you feel confident and have a good horse shoe, click on the banner at the top and place your bet at the Mayan Sports

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The Basics of Winning Sports Betting
by: Cardoza, Avery    Quality Paperback
Players learn this inside secrets of betting and winning at football, baseball, basketball, and boxing in this easy-to-read primer. Bettors learn how to read the betting lines, how the lines are formed, the odds in each sport, and how the over/under, teasers, and parlays work. Billions of dollars are bet on sporting events every year, and this book shows readers how they can get their piece of the pie. 20,000 print.

The Caesar's Palace Sports Book of Betting
by: Sugar, Bert Randolph    Quality Paperback
For years gambling has been, according to Sports Illustrated, "America's national pastime." Now, the most famous sports-gambling establishment in the world gives the gambler and sports fan this coverage of basketball, boxing, football, baseball, horse racing, and more.

John Patrick's Sports Betting; Proven Winning Systems for Football, Basketball, and Baseball
by: Patrick, John    Quality Paperback

More Dark Secrets of the Turf; Over 40 Betting Strategies
by: White, John    Quality Paperback

The Basics of Sports Betting
by: Cardoza, Avery    Quality Paperback

Can You Win?; The Real Odds for Casino Gambling, Sports Betting, and Lotteries
by: Orkin, Michael    Quality Paperback

How to Win at Sports Betting
by: Allen, J. Edward    Quality Paperback

The Complete Book of Sports Betting; A New No Nonsense Approach to Sports Gambling
by: Moore, Jack    Quality Paperback

Workouts and Maidens; Inside Betting Info for Those Who Want to Win
by: Reo, Vincent M.    Quality Paperback

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