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Ken Griffey Jr.

Mr Consistency. If there is someone who can break Hank Aaron's Home Run Record, this is the man. Thursday February 11, 2000 was one of the greatest days for present day Cincinnati Reds fans since the days of The Big Red Machine. When you consider that Ken Griffey Sr. was an impressive ballplayer and that Ken Griffey Jr is even better, this trade was an incredible. The fact that Cincinnati gave up so little, makes it even more incredible.....Ken Jr. is as close as you can get to a consistent and complete ball player. Check out Ken Griffey Jr. Stats

Ken Griffey Jr Summer Bamm Beano
Features include:
The Summer Release consists of 12 baseball players.
The Ken Griffey Jr. Summer Bamm Beano has been retired
Ken Griffey Jr. is done in rainbow color and has his name and number across the back
Bamm Beano's are officially licensed by the MLBPA These are for everybody and you can buy one at Sportslineicon
Ken Griffey Jr Big Bammer
Features include:
Measures 12" high and 6" wide
Ken Griffey Jr. name embroidered on the back, with his # embroidered on the front and the back
Ken Griffey Jr. is done in green These would make a great addition to your favorite Griffey fan and you can order it from Sportslineicon

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