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King Kong Driver

Check out these products for physical fitness and helpers around the home as you hve see on TV from the BuyItStore

Susan Anton's Perfect Buns & Thighs

For a better look at the simple exercises that you need to do go to the Guthy-Renker/BuyItOnTheWebicon
Perfect Form Exercise Machine

This is an excellent gentle machine for exercising, excellent for us Baby Boomers, you can view it at Guthy-Renker/BuyItOnTheWebicon
Power Train with Alexandra Paul
The elliptical motion of the Power Train® Machine is one of todays most popular workout choices allowing you to target your arms, chest and shoulders, as well as, your hips, buttocks, thighs, hamstrings and calves. All this, without pounding or jarring your joints and muscles. Elliptical motion combines the movements of cross-country skiing, walking, cycling and stairclimbing to give you a full-body exercise routine that will adapt to your personal fitness level.
Take a closer look at this machine at Guthy-Renker/BuyItOnTheWebicon
Covert Bailey's Total Body Power
With your TOTAL BODY POWER program you'll receive a playbook containing charts, diagrams, training logs and a special section in which Covert answers many of your questions. Plus your playbook gives you the specific steps for customizing an exercise and eating plan for your particular body and fitness level.  Check out this great video from Guthy-Renker/BuyItOnTheWebicon