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Webmasters can make money!

Webmasters can make money!


Associate Programs

What are Associate Programs?

When you enlist in an associate program you are promoting a merchant's product or service, and you will earn a commission from your lead or referral.

Why should I join an Associate Program?

It enables you to earn a few extra dollars doing something that you enjoy, and this can be helpful if you are a student. You can even make some serious money with associate programs as you can see from one of the four opportunities from

Top 10 Club

One and Only Internet Personals


Rank Home Town Month to date comissions

1 Cambell, CA $11,073.46


2 MT. Laurel, NJ $5,083.97


3 Georgetown, TX $2,056.06


4 West Des Moines, IA $1,963.86

5 Palm Bay, FL $1,252.96


6 Montreal, Queb $1,250.84


7 Lake Elsinore, Ca $1,186.54


8 FREDERICK, MD $1,183.02


9 Tempe, Ariz $1,081.37


10 Seattle, WA $972.37