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Books you need for your Rotisserie and Fantasy Baseball

This is will be my second year in fantasy baseball and I have set up a Fantasy Baseball Chat room for you to visit and talk in. I hope that I will be as successful at Fantasy Baseball this year as I was last year. Take a look at last year's fantasy team the Vancouver Seagulls.

I had a mid-season team with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, the thunderbolts. This team has 5 New York Mets players on it. The thunderbolts can steal bases like you wouldn't believe.

Feel free to post a message on my message board on Fantasy Baseball 1999 and email me.

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Rotisserie Baseball; Playing for Fun and Playing for Blood
by: Benson, John    Quality Paperback

Rotisserie League Baseball 1999
by: Waggoner, Glen    Quality Paperback

The Rotisserie Baseball Annual 1999
by: Benson, John    Quality Paperback

Major League Handbook 1999
by: James, Bill    Quality Paperback
Celebrating its tenth edition, "STATS Major League Handbook" is the dictionary for the action happening on the field. The book contains player career statistics, 1998 team statistics, manager tendencies, 1999 projections, and more.

Minor League Handbook
by: James, Bill    Quality Paperback
The eighth edition of this guide to the minors includes career statistics, team statistics, 1998 major league equivalences, and at least 44 statistics on hard-to-find players.

STATS 1998 Batter Versus Pitcher Match-Ups!
by: Sickels, John    Quality Paperback

STATS All-Time Baseball Sourcebook
by: James, Bill    Hardcover

STATS Major League Handbook
by: James, Bill    Quality Paperback

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